About BCDR

Headquartered in New York City, BCDR Solutions is the industry-leading channel partner of AT&T.

BCDR Solutions exclusively supports their teams and clients in the design, negotiation, deployment, and servicing of AT&T’s solutions to corporations around the globe. With a proven track record of over 8+ years providing comprehensive Wireline and Mobility solutions, we are perfectly positioned to leverage our expertise to the mutual benefit of anyone supporting an enterprise.



We are led by a dedicated management team with decades of experience working directly for and with AT&T who is committed to providing specialist knowledge in marketing, design, engineering, and implementation. The BCDR Solutions’ account management and support teams are comprised of highly driven and professional members with skills and expertise in Telecommunications and Networking; SIP, Storage, Cloud, Hosting, MPLS, SDWAN, and Security.

  • James Bass

    James Bass is the Founder and CEO of BCDR Solutions. He has over 18 years in the Telecommunications and Technology industry working within AT&T’s Solution Provider Program. He created BCDR in 2008 with the sole goal to become AT&T’s premiere Solution Provider. He has successfully grown the company to include every resource necessary to support our clients, resulting in consistent Platinum-level awards.

  • Mark Bruno

    Mark Bruno is the President of BCDR Solutions. He joined BCDR in 2012 after 12+ years at AT&T. His experience managing sales teams and collaborating with technical/provisioning resources to support Fortune 50 clients helped build BCDR into AT&T’s premiere Solution Provider. A lifelong resident of the Northeast, Mark was born and raised in New York and now lives with his wife, two young children and dog in Bergen County, New Jersey.  He graduated from Rutgers University with a BS in Philosophy and a BA in Communication.  He credits both as giving him a strong foundation for his joy and talent with negotiations. Mark comes by the industry naturally, as his parents are both retired from AT&T.

  • Adam Leone

    Adam Leone is the Vice President of Operations for BCDR Solutions. He has over 14 years in the Telecommunications and Technology industry with a main focus on business to business sales. He joined BCDR in 2012 as an account manager and has quickly moved up within the organization. Prior to BCDR Adam spent three years working for AT&T and five years selling technical outsourcing and database systems to DoD and fortune 100 companies. Adam was born and raised in New Jersey and currently resides at the Jersey Shore with his wife and two young children in Monmouth County, NJ.

  • Michael Flecha

    Michael Flecha is a Vice President at BCDR solutions running a team of sales executives in the enterprise space. His career spans over 20 years  which includes direct contributor roles in software and telecom sales. Michael’s schooling from Stevens Institute in Hoboken and years as technical overlay have been instrumental for customers looking to optimize their environments. Along with leading his sales team, Michael’s responsibility  includes scaling up BCDR’s Engineering resources in order to meet the changing technical landscape in the marketplace.

    Michael currently resides on Long Island. Outside of work he enjoys time with his family and friends. He works on reading a couple books a month, as well as listening to his favorite podcast from Tim Ferris to Joe Rogan.

  • Scott Lindemeyer

    Scott Lindemeyer is a Vice President at BCDR Solutions running a team of sales executives based in the southeast. Scott’s 17-year career in telecommunications includes time in account management, business development and technical overlay roles before joining the team at BCDR Solutions in 2015. With experience in networking, data center design, security services and application management, Scott has been able to assist his team and customers in taking advantage of technology to enhance business processes and revenues.

    Scott current resides in Orlando Florida with his wife and two dogs where they enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

  • Margo Luera

    Margo Luera is the Support Team Lead for BCDR Solutions. Equipped with a Telecommunications and Technology career that begin in an AT&T consumer call center 20 years ago, she joined BCDR in 2016 as a project manager.

    Her experience in a myriad of roles involving the client relationship, sales, sales processes and project management both within AT&T and afterward in the Channel, now helps her lead the back office team who – together with Sales – make BCDR the preeminent Solution Provider it is.

    Forever a Texan, Margo was born and raised in Odessa but now resides in Austin with her husband and Maltipoo.

  • Tracey Barnes

    Tracey Barnes is a Service Manager at BCDR Solutions. She has 18+ years in the Telecommunications and Technology industry with a focus on customer relationship management. Prior to working at BCDR Tracey spent 17 years at AT&T as a Universal Service Executive serving AT&T’s Signature Client Group. Tracey built solid relationships with her portfolio of clients and as a customer advocate created and fostered successful relationships between her client and AT&T. Tracey joined BCDR in 2017 and partners with the BCDR sales team and project management to provide a seamless and consistent client experience. Tracey was born and raised in New Jersey where she currently resides with her husband and two children.

Customer Service

We offer a total turn-key approach to design, engineering, installation, Service Management, and Account Management, leaving our clients free to concentrate on their core business with confidence in the technology, advanced functionality, and work-flow applications provided by BCDR Solutions partnership with AT&T.