Communication Cabling

Data cabling

BCDR Solutions is experienced in designing and installing Structured Communications Cabling, including:

  • Category 6
  • Category 5
  • Optical Fiber Cabling
  • Telephony Cabling
  • Coaxial Cabling

Our experience includes the areas of High Rise Offices, Educational Institutions, and Industrial sites.

Structures Cabling

BCDR Solutions provides high quality, cost effectiveness and structured cabling to suit your individual business requirements. We install cabling to support a large number of media types, including:

  • Local Area networks – Ethernet, token ring, AS400
  • Wide Area Networks – routers – switches – servers– SAN
  • Telephony – PBX – IP PBX
  • Public Address Systems

Engineers and Technicians

Our Technicians are experienced industry professionals with industry training and technical backgrounds.

Training is kept up-to-date and includes Cabling to the latest standards of Gigabit Ethernet (Category 6) and Gig Speed Fiber.

BCDR Solutions provides network Hardware for LAN and WAN environments with an extensive knowledge of computer networking and information technology.